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eXplore the Street Markets of Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds has two markets: a traditional market on Wednesday and Saturday, and a farmers’ market on the second Sunday of every month.

The traditional market is held in the Buttermarket and Cornhill, and has over 80 stalls selling fresh produce, meat, fish, bread, cheese, and other goods. The farmers’ market is held in the Abbey Gardens, and has stalls selling fresh produce, meat, fish, bread, cheese, and other goods, as well as plants, flowers, and other items.

Both markets are popular with locals and tourists alike, and are a great place to find fresh produce and other goods. The traditional market is also a great place to experience the local culture and atmosphere.

The Bury St Edmund Market

Watching Lovejoy and just had a lovely shot of Bury Market. 

Jo Goodenough

I loved going to Bury market when I was younger. Went to 50p stall and got pens and sure colouring books.

Also loved my jelly shoes and little jelly bag from the stall.

Lucy Broomfield

Hi all, love this group and love this place…  I have been away for a long time but am planning on moving back soon.

Me and the Mrs are over next Friday, and I plan on taking some great pics of some great places. When I was a kid I worked on the market and loved it.

Kevin Carpenter

Does anyone remember the Banana King who only sold bananas on the market MANY years ago, BIG booming voice, and when he passed away it left a BIG hole in the real Market of BSE?

Anne Hosking

If you don’t mind I would like to say something to all of you.

Please wherever you go, take pictures, as you grow older you will want to see what it was like when you were young.

I was born in BSE at no 7 College St. In 1926 but today I would not recognize it, or a lot of Bury, things have changed dramatically, thankfully the Abbey Gardens are the same.

A beautiful place to visit and enjoy.

I am enjoying the walk around town on market day, thanks to James Sheen, it brings back so many memories, but the streets have changed, the stores are different, there are places I have never heard of

I regret that I have no pictures of my BSE but I was young and had no clue as to how I would cherish them in later years.
Take great pride in your town. And TAKE PICTURES.

Doris Klene

Who had part-time jobs when we were in upper school? I did a morning paper round from Lake Avenue. Mercury, free newspaper on a Thursday night & sold balloons on the market Saturdays

Neil Hunt

Does anyone remember ‘Noels hotdogs and hamburgers’ caravan on market days? ? When I came back for a holiday in 1994 I loved them so much I bought a bag of 6 hamburgers and scoffed the lot.

I bought some again in 2012 when his son had the van but tasted to not be the same burger recipe.

Craig Jenkins

Hi, everyone. My parents would like to know if anyone else remembers a guy who used to sell dinner services on the market in the 60s.

He held them on his arm and apparently he used to toss the cups etc at unsuspecting people and would drop the whole tray if no-one bought the items!

Louisa Beattie

Just had some more thoughts of market day, came to me whilst ironing.

Whilst working at Boots from 1965 I remember the farmers coming into the Farms and Gardens counter opposite the cosmetic counter where I worked.

My friend Linda worked on there, they sold some really strange things on that counter.

We had many a giggle over apparatus for removing parts of animals anatomy etc.

Some of the farmers left the aroma of the market behind, didn’t mind that. It was the woman from Flintons chip shop that was worse.

Carole Marlow

The Christmas Market

I love the Christmas market on Angel Hill. It’s great that they have spread it around the town, but they need to space it out a bit more as it’s a nightmare trying to see stalls and actually walk around.

It’s a great atmosphere and really puts you in the Christmas spirit.

It needs more room even the stalls in the Abbey gardens are crammed together.

Apart from that it’s great for Bury and brings in lots of people to our town.

Dot Horsman


Clothing and Fashion

Dawn’s Underwear & Nightwear

With a staggering range of night and underwear, Dawn’s stall is proudly at the top of the Buttermarket close to Sports Direct.

Harper Jewellery

Robert Harper has a dazzling array of jewellery and watches on the “Harper Jewellery” stall and he has a Facebook page too.

J & H Shoes

How about a pair of Shoes from James Mannings “J & H Shoes” stall?

Jo’s Boutique

Joanna Holmes brings “Jo’s Mobile Boutique” to town with a dazzling array of outfits and hats to suit so many occasions.

Fast Food & Takeaway

Nuts & Popcorn!

And when you need something a bit nutty, Nathan Williams can fill your nut-based desires!
Still, wanting something sweet? Why not try Nathan Williams Kettle Popcorn stall?

Arroy D Thai

The ladies from “AroyD Thai Food” come from Ely where they also have a cafe

Donuts & Candy Floss

Adam and Merroney are always pleased to service that sweet tooth you may have with fab doughnuts, sticky candy floss and ice cream… for kids of ALL ages!

Henry’s Hog Roast

Need a mans meal? Linda at “Henry’s Hog Roast” is great if you are feeling a bit porky.

Quality Catering

The ladies of “Quality Catering” are most welcoming and have great looking buns!

Lekky Thai Street Food

Laughing Lekky is always here on Wednesdays and Saturdays, providing great cheer and producing perfect Chicken Pad Thai before your eyes.

Licensed To Grill

Everyone knows Tom Bond is Licensed To Grill, sitting at the top of the market, their prime position overseas all.

Tikka Tonic 

There really is no one who really knows what to do with coriander, Madhur Beri who runs the “Tikka Tonic” stall can excite your palate in his own unique way. 

Suzuki Yakitori

Ohayo Gozaimasu! its Kaori Suzuki with her tradition Japanese snack food, and remember, Tchotto Matte Kudasai!

Majafina Crepes

Anyone for crepes? Majafina has it covered. Majafina is a composite of 4 names, are they can cater for Corporate Events, Parties and Weddings.

The Mobile Pizza Company

The Amazing Mobile Pizza Company is hotting up. Clinton will be more than happy to serve you with an amazing chocolate pizza.


Cardosa’s, has a wicked menu too, their Biriani is one of those awesome mouth moments.

Flower’s and Plant’s

Floral Fayre

David Felton who runs Floral Fayre is based in Cavenham just outside Bury St Edmunds, and can usually be found opposite Lloyds Bank in town.

Flowers For All Occasions

A Cunningham and their range of cut flowers is truly a breath-taking sight to behold. Swathes of amazing colours to brighten up your day.

Hazel Nurseries

Steven & Fred Lawrence have a very wide selection of bulbs and bedding plants, roses, shrubs and even trees are regularly on the Bury Market, every Wednesday and Saturday.

Sutton Valley Nursery

Located outside the Market Cross, set up to trade here are Sutton Valley Nursery. The come from Sandy in Bedfordshire and have a wide range of bedding plants for sale.


Country Organics

“Wild Country Organics” is one of my very favourite stalls. Their tomatoes are not only things of great beauty, but they bring the taste of France to Bury St Edmunds, and “garcon!” we should be very grateful.

Pollard’s Quality Fruit & Veg

James Pollard runs “Pollard’s Fruit and Veg” stall and their speciality are the fruit pots. Great for snacking as you wander around and so healthy as well.

D & H McQueen

“D & H McQueen’s” were very busy went I popped past, but they still had time to have some banter and chat with their customers…

New Bury Fruit & Veg

Tony’s stall is reliably always closest to Moyse’s Hall, and have a great swath of fresh fruit and veg for you to choose from.

Abbey Fruits

Remember I was talking about those lush ripe summer berries and cherries? I think we have found them on Colin Lawrence’s “Abbey Fruits” stall!

Hart’s of Suffolk

You can easily locate Martin Harts, “Hart’s of Suffolk” as they have the big yellow pelmet over their stall. Very proud to be from Suffolk and even more proud of their very locally grown strawberries, we know how to do things in these ‘ere parts!


Just Our Stall

Liza Elliot’s stall may feel very familiar to you because Liza also has a store down St Johns Street, but its great to see such an amazing stall on the market too.

Tool Stall

Tool Stall has a truly dazzling array of tools and gadgets and items you just know you are going to need some time.

Derek Delboys Stall

Arthur Daly? NO! It’s Delboy you plonker!

Keyways Locksmith

To describe Andreas Wales plot as a stall is an understatement It is possible the behemoth of all stalls!. Andreas runs Keyways Locksmith’s and they also have an outlet on Stamford Court in Bury St Edmunds.


Leisure and Entertainment

JB Airguns

And while in the camouflage camp, we can find JB Airguns frequenting the market, and over from Ely. “JBAirguns”

Misty Mountain Music

The heavily tattooed Chris Manning has an eclectic array of Vinyl and CD’s on his stall, “Misty Mountain Music”

Newman Pet Supplies

Cheery Lee Newman has a lot to be cheery about. He runs “Newman Pet Supplier’s”. If Lee doesn’t have it, your pet doesn’t need it.

Darrens Cards

So if you are buying presents for the boys or the girls, you will need to pop over to the Market Cross, where Darren Old has his stall of cards, calendars and gift wrap.

Mystic Moon

And Sue Hayward’s stall is full of crystals, dream catchers and everything mystical you can think of. Sue’s stall is called “Mystic Moon”.


La Sabrosa Continental

What would life be like without cheese? Thankfully we have Toni Portillo who comex to our Street Market. Toni who is from Spain, serves up great Spanish manchego’s and some other wonderful varieties, even some English cheese too, but not only that, but he also has quality chorizo and luscious lomo. It’s a great chance to practice your Spanish!


More social walks are needed because it is impossible to walk past “McCarthys” without your mouth watering at their comestibles!

Steve’s Seadish

Steve and Tracey can be found on the market every Saturday, and I cannot resist the dressed crabs, which sell out very quickly!

The Mummery Brothers

The “Mummery Brother’s” like to smoke.. fish that is!
And when you find one egg is just not un oeuf, John Sculpher is there with his “Nest Eggs” reminds me of an advert campaign from many years ago… Go to work on an egg!


“Carmichaels” are definitely not slippery fish, just look at that array of shellfish, sea fish and freshwater temptations.


“Samphire” brings the taste of Norfolk to Bury St Edmunds. You see, them Norfolk guys know quality customers when they see them.

The Daily Grind

And how can you possibly ignore the “Daily Grind”, with great coffee? These coffees are not only (Steve) Manley but also for the ladies 🙂

Wild Game

Another of our Eastern European cousins bringing some “Wild Game Meat” for us to eat.

T & S Foods

A taste of the Carribean provided by Thomas and his great cakes, bakes and savoury morsels.

When King John issued a Market Charter here in 1201, little did he or anyone know that more than 800 years later this would still be one of the most successful traditional street markets in the country.

In the 18th century, markets were divided into categories – horse market, butter and fish market, great market, herb market, beast market and the butchers shambles, where meat was prepared.

Wednesdays, Saturdays 8 am-4 pm and Specialist Market’s from Street Food Nights to Farmers’ Market’s

We are always looking for new interesting stalls for our market and can offer help, support and advise to new traders.

All you need to start trading is a gazebo, public liability insurance and your stock – you are then ready to go.

For certain products and new businesses we do have gazebos we can lend out and insurance for a year can start at £60.

If you are interested please contact Sharon Fairweather, Market Development Officer for further information.