How To…


Login to (top right hand corner)

Highlight your name and a drop down menu will appear,

Dashboard / Update Profile / Log Out


Select Dashboard

You will see a daunting menu on the left hand side of the screen, but there is nothing to fear, it’s your friend Try them out and see where they take you.


Select Listings

This will display all of your business listings which are associated with your profile

Choose which listing you wish to edit and click on the 3 vertical dots on the right hand side of the listing Edit, Remove, Change Plan (you can change the Pricing Plan here to upgrade and get more features


Select Edit

A new window will pop up in which you can edit all of the features your plan is on

Business Name    This defaults to the name of the listing you are editing

Tagline                   Always good to add this to attract customers with a witty one liner


select your business region                     Search by Google / Manual Coordinates /  Drop Pin

Phone                    Add your phone number – people will see this and be able to call directly from your listing

Website                    e.g.

Add Business Hours       Always useful to have this info plus the option to have 2 time slots in the day

Category             You can choose up to 10 categories which your business might fall into however, usually 3 is sufficient

Select your listing features    Depending which categories you have chosen, will depend on which features are available to you


Description          Add a detailed description of your business and why people should trade with you


FAQ                      Choose up to 4 questions which you can also give answers to from which you are frequently asked


Twitter                  Add your Twitter profile URL in the form


Facebook            Add your Facebook business Page URL in the form


LinkedIn               Add your LinkedIn URL in the form


Youtube               Add your YouTube channel URL in the form


Instagram            Add your Instagram profile URL in the


Tags or keywords                  This is a great way to help people locate you. Always use those words which are associated with your business and you think that people will find you easier with them. Separate each word or phrase with a comma i.e Tubular Bells, Songs Of Distant Earth, Incantations, Mike Oldfield,


Video                             If you have a featured video on YouTube, you can add the link here to give people even more information about your business



As a suggestion, set up 3 templates on and upload your images here to prepare them for uploading to

Featured Image 372 pixels x 240 pixels

Gallery 640 pixels x 640 pixels

Logo/Profile 200 pixels x 200 pixels

Download prepared images as jpg files

Photos always look best without words overlaying them. If the photo is good, it will not need overlays.


Image names      Always label your files with your business name followed by a number

                              You cannot use special characters such as @, &, *, ‘, “, -, .

                              Endorses your presence on your page and assists SEO

                             This will make them easier to find later

Image format       Always use .jpg files

                               Maintains an optimal compressed image

                               Saves space on your page and assists loading time

0.5mb Limit          All images are limited to 0.5mb or 500kb

                               Most images should not be more than 300kb / 0.3mb

                               Keeping the “weight” of the image as low as possible without losing quality will speed up the loading time of your page, and retain people looking at your page for longer


Change/Upload Featured Image  

Image sizes                       Featured image size           372 pixels x 240 pixels


Change/Upload Business Logo Image sizes              Logo image size      200 pixels x 200 pixels

Update & Previ

Claim Your Listing on eXplore Bury St Edmunds!

Change Your Profile Photo on eXplore Bury St Edmunds!

Change your Pricing Plan from the Dashboard

Add Announcements on Listing Details Page

Add a Brand New Listing Account (step by step)

Create Deals & Coupons

This is such a great feature. When you creat a deal, or discount, it will not only appear on your page but also on the main deals link from the homepage

Create an Ad campaign

Create Events

Your Events will not only appear on your page, but also on the Events link from the homepage!