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If you’re looking for something to do in Bury St Edmunds, you’re in luck! This charming town has a variety of events and activities to keep you entertained. From live music and sports to art exhibitions and theatre performances, there’s something for everyone in Bury St Edmunds.

The What’s On guide from The Apex Bury St Edmunds is a great place to start if you’re looking for upcoming activities. You can find out about live music, sports, art exhibitions, and more. 

Bury In Bloom

Cherry trees The cherry trees can be found,

blooming all around our town,

Travelling down Newmarket road,

it is a sight to behold,

Westbury avenue all the way through,

with its dazzling pink view,

York road also has its share,

these stunning trees can be seen there,

Their beauty won’t last long enough,

the petals fall with every gust,

All across the streets in town, the petals blow all around,

Like a covering of pink snow,

making such a lovely show.

Les Hopton

Now that it is in late June,

all the Lime Trees are in bloom.

In the Churchyard on the Green,

all their beauty can be seen.

As I walked passed these lovely trees their scent was wafted on the breeze.

It was a most enchanting smell it called me in and bid me dwell.

Underneath its branches there,

it held me in thrall without care.

Held spellbound by its majesty underneath the canopy.

Therefor a while,

I did stay just to pass the time of day.

I asked myself but could not tell,

what if plants and trees had no smell?.

Les Hopton

The Rose Garden in the Abbey Gardens looks stunning at the moment – lots of roses in bloom and the sea of lavender is amazing and buzzing with bees!

I think it’s the best it’s ever looked. Lots of visitors commenting the same.

Sandy Jackson


The Wolf Trail


95th Rifles at Ickworth Park


Website Launch

So, the 18th of October arrived. I had a few questions still to ask before the website became a live site, but was prepared to push the last bits through to give birth to welovebse.com.

The regulars who attend the Social Evenings had all been informed, and I was in tenterhooks in case everything didn’t go to plan.

Websites can be temperamental. I spent a couple of hours with the guys before the friends arrived. We even had the very well-liked Patrick Chung come along and he was going to cut the ribbon. Leastways, people thought it was going to be a ribbon.

Instead, I opted for construction tape. How often you see such chevroned tape limiting access to places you can’t go?

So to have a Ceremonial cutting of tape was deemed to be appropriate.

Veuve Cliquot had been chilled down in my cool box and with a number of glasses poured, we were ready to go.

I gave the floor over to Patrick, who gave a short, but an appreciative speech about the Facebook Group, before cutting the tape.

We clapped and the website was now visible to the group attending.

This was the time the website went into labour. It had been incubating in the offices of Logic Design for 7 months since we had announced to the media that this was going to happen.

It was relatively long labour in human terms, but in the ways of the internet, it was pretty quick when the website finally became live to the world. Thursday evening around 6.10 pm and the birth was complete.
I hope you enjoy the photos of the day. We had a lot of fun with it and I am very proud of everyone and the content that everyone has provided and also to the guys from Logic Design, who put up with a madcap scheme, sprung from my crazy brain and set it to music. Thank you guys, you are truly AWESOME!