Marketing with We Love Bury St Edmunds

Why Advertise with We Love Bury St Edmunds?

21,500+ members interested in the unique town we live in
11,000+ members live in Bury St Edmunds (that’s about 25% of the towns population)
Location based for your target audience


62% of members are female and 38% are male
Age Range
25-34 9.5% women 5.7% men
35-44 12.9% women 7.8% men
45-54 15.7% women 9.8% men
55-64 10.6% women 6.5% men
65+ 9.3% women 5.6% men
83% engagement rate – phenomenally high for a Facebook Group
With this information you can can see how you can target your audience

Over the past 10 years, emphasis has shifted from Facebook Pages to Facebook Groups – Groups are far more engaging and create a sense of community LINK

All posts are either Approved or Declined – we focus on the positive and eliminate the negative

Dedicated Admin team who have the same focus to maintain an engaged and positive audience

We do not allow irrelevant links or postings which do not concern Bury St Edmunds

In 5 years we have received a lot of positive press coverage

How Can Your Message Reach The Audience?

SHARE your information to the Facebook Group (from your facebook profile, page, group or website)

Relate the post to Bury St Edmunds

Make your message a positive and upbeat one

What do you have to offer that your competition does not

Offer something for free – must be unconditional
offer information that will appeal to the market

What keywords do you want to be found by?

Social Media Marketing

(always shared across Facebook Page, Group, Google+ Twitter and LinkedIn)


Single Advertising Post
Shared website link
3 Posts over 10 days
8 posts over 28 Days
Website Advertising Banner


– options (up to 4 weeks prior to event)

Shared from your business Facebook Page by the We Love Bury St Edmunds Facebook Page to the Facebook Group

We Love Bury St Edmunds jointly hosts the event. (this ensures the event is shared to the Facebook Group AND pinned to the top as an announcement)

We Love Bury St Edmunds becomes a joint editor on a Business Page. We will not edit your events, but be aware of them when they are added and add them to the Facebook Group


2048px x 2048px Social Media promotional design

Video Production

Live or Recorded Video (created by you)
2048px x 2048px Square Social Media Video (coming soon)
Live or Recorded Video (created by welovebse)


Tailored to your needs

example – Book Launch – advertising posting plus video interview

INFORM your potential customers you are here + 2 follow ups

SHARE your EVENT to the Group + 2 follow ups within 10 days

PROMOTE a current deal + 2 follow ups

OFFER a discount for wlbse members

News Story hosted and posted over social networks.

Page Or Group

Page or Group Moderation
Settings check up

Become A Sponsor

Video Sponsor
“Page & Group & Twitter Header Sponsor*

Sponsor the website and have your name displayed on a weekly updated header for the group Рexamples 
Facebook Groups are now far more popular than Facebook Pages, a change in Facebook algorithms favour Group postings over Pages.

By updating our header once a week, with your company name on it as a sponsor to the website, will be seen regularly by our members, currently 21,500+