eXplore… From The Air

Aerial View

Experiencing an Aerial View Bury St Edmunds is a truly special event. From hot air balloon flights to scenic helicopter and light aircraft rides, you can get a unique aerial view of the town’s historic streets and buildings, as well as the surrounding countryside and riverside attractions.

Hot air balloon rides are a popular way to get an aerial perspective of this beautiful town. Whether it’s private or commercial, these trips will take you up high for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Bury St Edmunds that can’t be seen from the ground. For an even more incredible visual experience, take a helicopter or light aircraft ride!an 

From The Air

From the Air is where the eyes of Simon Ladd and Wayne Stallwood usually are. 

Simon is often seen flying over Bury St Edmunds with a big fan on his back, taking photographs of the town from above.

Wayne prefers to keep his feet on the ground, and sends his eyes up into the sky remotely with a drone.

Both producing wonderful pictures from above.