About Us and Bury St Edmunds

Events Bury St Edmunds Great Churchyard Photo Bomb January 2016 Rupert Nye 1625 Explore Bury St Edmunds 768x512, eXplore Bury St Edmunds!
Events Bury St Edmunds Great Churchyard Photo Bomb January 2017 Monuments Memorials Statue Of St Edmund By Elizabeth Frink Places Visit Angela Lord 1677 Explore Bury St Edmunds 768x499, eXplore Bury St Edmunds!
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Events Photo Bomb August 2017 Bury St Edmunds Great Churchyard Monuments Memorials Statue Of St Edmund By Elizabeth Frink Places Visit Andy Abbott 1757 Explore Bury St Edmunds 768x878, eXplore Bury St Edmunds!

Bury St Edmunds

A Town Captured by a Facebook Group

Nestled in the heart of Suffolk, England, Bury St Edmunds boasts a rich history, picturesque countryside, and a vibrant community spirit. This charming town has recently gained international recognition, thanks to a Facebook group called “We Love Bury St Edmunds!

Launched in December 2015 with just 36 members, the group has since grown to a remarkable 23,500 strong. It serves as a platform to showcase the town’s top attractions and share the magic of this thriving community with the world.


Social Media & Beyond

Beyond its initial Facebook group, “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” has expanded its online presence to include a public Facebook Page, a Twitter account (@wlbse), an Instagram profile (@welovebse), and a YouTube channel. These platforms offer an array of multimedia content for fans of Bury St Edmunds to enjoy and share, further fueling the town’s growing popularity.


As Bury St Edmunds continues to charm visitors with its historical sites, stunning landscapes, and warm community spirit, the “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” Facebook group remains a vital force in promoting the town’s attractions and fostering a sense of camaraderie among its residents. So, whether you are a long-time inhabitant or a curious traveler, consider joining the group to discover why so many people can’t get enough of this enchanting English town.


In 2018, “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” collaborated with Eurovision Winner Anne-Marie David to promote St Edmunds Day. The following year 2 performances of the oratorio “Edmund The Legend of a King” were performed in France. 

Composed by Anne-Marie and renowned French composer Jean Musy. The production has received critical acclaim in France and left audiences spellbound by its captivating music and storytelling.

This cultural collaboration exemplifies the group’s commitment to celebrating and promoting the town’s heritage. It is planned to perform this at St Marys Church in November 2024.

Since “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” began in December 2015, we have been making the newspapers on a regular basis

We didn’t plan it this way, but I can tell you we are not knocking it and have always been looked after very well by the media. Thank you!



I created a Facebook Group called “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” after 30 days there were 9,000 members.. so we celebrated in January…



We photo-bombed the King


APRIL 2016

We launched the “We Love Bury St Edmunds” badge

(12,200 members) and T Shirts and Polo Shirts…

And in the same breath, we announced that there would be a website coming….


JULY 2016

Photos drawn from the Facebook Group were proudly displayed in the
West Suffolk Hospital Memory Walk



We played with some ideas for a Human Colour Wheel…

Halfords Autocare on Eastgate street, became the first company to support discounts to people who wear the WLBSE badge.

This was followed by The Fox Inn on Eastgate Street, Mings in Abbeygate Street, The Abbeygate Cinema, Jessops and Adnams in Bury St Edmunds.



We announced we would be having a party at Christmas to raise money for My WiSH Charity for West Suffolk Hospital and North Court Care Home



10 months after Facebook Group launched, we launched the website….

7th October Gave a talk to the Saxon Gate Community Association – Annual General Meeting 2016 at The Southgate Community Centre



We launched the 2017 WLBSE Calendar



A Night 2 Remember – that you can’t afford to forget!

We have The Brotherhood of Man coming to perform at Ashlar House in Bury St Edmunds.

21st December 2016 – Bury Mercury – Review of A Night 2 Remember

22nd December 2016 – East Anglian Daily Times – Review of A Night 2 Remember

23rd December 2016 – Bury Free Press – Review of A Night 2 Remember



We Photo Bombed the King Again…

And a great article and front page of the East Anglian Daily Times.. Thanks to Andy Abbott

MARCH 2nd 2017

Press release at The Apex on 26th February for Limited Edition Decades Prints


MAY 7th 2017

The St Edmund of Suffolk Flag is seen around the World


MAY 17th 2017


JULY 2017

We supported the Cancer Research Relay For Life


AUGUST 2nd 2017

The Abseil for My WiSH Charity

The Photo Bomb

We did it again to launch St Edmunds Day celebrations for November


The Photo Bomb Event



Bury Free Press Business Awards Finalist

A Night 2 Remember 2 was launched


NOVEMBER 1st 2017

Your Town Needs You Campaign and over 126 Businesses raise the Flag of St Edmund for the first time

NOVEMBER 14th 2017

NOVEMBER 21st 2017


NOVEMBER 29th 2017

Paul Da Vinci in the EADT

might not know the face but we bet you know the hit song…



Charity benefits from A Night 2 Remember 2


Donation made to Gatehouse Dementia Hub



Donations to My WiSH Charity

Exclusive Print Donated to the Memory Walk at the West Suffolk Hospital


MARCH 2018

We conveyed our deep concerns over the loss of Borough status

APRIL 2018

And amidst Eurovision we still campaigned to the retain our Borough status

MAY 2018

Eurovision and We Love Bury St Edmunds seemed to merge and overlap for me



And then of course, it was August, and 3 months to go until St Edmunds Day
Gathering by the statue of St Edmund by the Abbey West Front in Bury St Edmunds for the “We Love Bury St Edmunds”


A reunion thanks to We Love Bury St Edmunds!



Town getting ready to mark St Edmund’s Day


MAY 2019—sitting-front-row-eurovision/



Save The Businesses of the Town with Free Parking for 2 Days a week—business-leader-slams-council-proposed-parking-charges/



Car Park Plans

Anger At Council


JUNE 2020



Website & App

Metal Trees—controversial-metal-trees-left-weeds/


MARCH 2022

Ukraine Vigil

Creator James Sheen


Facebook Admins  Greg Aspland  James Sheen  Lesley Norburn Michelle Richards 


Facebook Moderators
Virginnia Haslam


We Love Bury St Edmunds Logo Design  Krysten Newby (Krys10)


Web Design James Sheen & Jeremy Parsons 


Titles & Cataloguing Anna A Hradsky  James Sheen


Written Content
Many Group Members of The Facebook Group


Proof Readers Ally Eatly  Anna A Hradsky  James Sheen  Michelle Richards  Rosie Cook


Angela Lord Anna Frankum  Andrew Nott  Greg Aspland  Jaclyn Clark Jeremy Chadwick  John Hughes  John Goffin  John Goldsmith Josephine Sweetman  Maureen Nicholls  Nick Betson  Paul Budgie Burgess Rupert Nye Sandy Jackson plus many more


Video Content Anna Frankum  James Sheen  Terry Chittock


Charities My WiSH Charity for West Suffolk Hospital, Gatehouse Hub, Cancer Research – Relay For Life


Gold Badge Holders 2016

1  Krysten Newby

2  Anna Frankum

3  Raymond Gordon

4  John Goldsmith

5  Sue Fendt 

6  John Williams 

7  Bernie Sexton 

8  Paul “Budgie” Burgess 

9  Patrick Chung 

10  Brian Gobey 

11  Carl Whitehouse 

12  Ernie Broom


Gold Badge Holders 2017
1 Terry Chittock

2 Mike McAndrews (Walked 56/57 miles for Relay For Life)

3 Matt Marvell (to be presented)

4 Ken Goodwin (voted favourite postie)

5 Greg Aspland (outstanding achievement as Admin for WLBSE)

6 Jenny Smith (organises the biggest fundraising event in Bury St Edmunds the Girls Night Out for St Nicholas Hospice awarded LIVE on Facebook)

7 Ian Smith, Manager of The Coop on Mildenhall Road, the ONLY large supermarket to support the St Edmunds Day weekend

8 Richard Crouch – outstanding support for St Edmunds Day 2017

9 Nemonee Stone – outstanding contribution to Bury St Edmunds supporting many good causes

10 – Terry Clements, Mayor of St Edmundsbury – Outstanding contribution to We Love Bury St Edmunds! promoting and upholding the high moral values to our Facebook Group.


Antique Bronze Holders – The Super Elite 

1 Anna Frankum (Grytics Award for An Outstanding Contribution)

2  Patrick Church (Lifetime Achievement Award)

3 Sheila Wormleighton (Lifetime Achievement)

4 Sue Griffin (Selfless Outstanding contribution to Nations overseas)